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Jaisa Baap Waisa Beta

My name is Vikram (vicky) and I am of 18year of age and I live in central India. I live with my Dad and a younger brother lucky. Dad is a business men. He is like my friend. My father and mother don’t live together any more my father divorced my mother because of there differences. Now this is a story about my kamini aunty(my to be step mom) she is a sexy looking lady of 36 years of age her figure is38-29-37 she always wear sexy saries and salwars.

I like the most about her is those big boobs aur her naval always attract my attention. She also have sexy and hot red lips Jab bhi wo mere ghar aati hai wo hamesha ya to deep neck wale blouse phaenti hai ya too deep neck wale salwar aur hamesha unka pallu sarkta rahata hai. And I can easily see her deep clevage.and I get instant hard on. Whenever she enters our house she hugs me and lucky both, then kisses us both on our cheeks.

I love to feel her body. Kabhi kabhi to wo sexy western outfits bhi pehenti hai. Last night dad came late in night with kamini aunty and I could tell my dad and kamini aunty both were drunk, but dad was drunk too much. He said kamini dekh mera lund erect ho gaya hai. Aaj tujhe mein acche se chodunga. Teri chut bhot sexy hai aur garam bhi tere boobs ketne sexy hai. Kal pata hai mera beta vicky baar baar tere boobs dekh raha tha. Aur tu bhi aur zada dekha rahi thi Then kamini said you know it Ajay I like to tease him before our friendship you also use to stare at my breast jaisa baap waisa beta.

Then my dad said tu hai hi etni sexy. Ki koi bhi tujhe chodne ke liye ready ho ga. Vicky to mera beta hai. Kamini said shhhh vicky and lucky will wake up be quit. Then dad said to kya hua bol tunga beta ye teri nai mummy hai. I was listing to them aur mera lund kada ho gaya mein chup chup ke dekh raha tha. Dad ne pher kamini aunty ka palu gera diya aur unke sexy boobs ke saat khelne lage. Kamini aunty started smooching my dad and she start to open dads pants and then she took off dads underwear and start to give hand job to dad cock then she took his cock in her mouth and started to give him a blow job. She was licking dads cock like she is licking an ice cream first she licked the head of dads cock then she took the whole head in her mouth she did it three or four times.

I was imaging my self at dads place and I got my cock out and started masturbating. Then dad started to lick her pussy and put his tongue in and out of her pussy. Soon both were cumming in each other mouth then kamini aunty is on top of dad and putting his cock in her pussy. Then she started to fuck dad up and down on his cock once again they came . And dad was feeling dizzy he said to kamini aunty that lets go to sleep then kamini said I am not satisfied yet. dad said I am going to sleep now. Then who will satisfy me.

Then dad said go fuck vicky. She said you know what type of slut I am I can do that. On listening this I cum instantly. Then my dad said I don’t mind it. You can fuck vicky and vijay any time you want. Then she said if vijay was here his cock would be in her pussy. I got shocked to know that my chacha is also fucking kamini. And my father won’t mind me fucking kamini. She then begged dad to fuck her and dad agreed then she said I wanna tease vicky a little I don’t wanna miss him but still I want to have fun teasing him. I thought in my mind ok kamini now I will fuck you as soon as possible. Then I heard kamini moaning Mmmm yes fuck me aahh fuck me ajay fuck me hard mmmmm I am cumming ajay fuck me hard love mmmm ahha .then..she said what a cock you have darling, then I could hear her saying that what a cock you have ajay I think this type of strong and long cock runs in your family.


Sex dream Fantasy (post 2)

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Hello Everybody, hey guys and girls, I am back with the second episode of sex dream fantasy, I thank u All for the way u received the desi sex story and the appreciation u showed to me by way of emails and eventually personal calls and everything after that. I just don’t intend to waste ur valuable time. I start the second part thus……. The next morning we woke up and had a lovely bath together, thereafter we got dressed and went to the coffee shop for a quick breakfast, this done we started of to Maria’s flat. on entering we were greeted by Divya and Farah who had naughty grins on their faces, they asked us about the evening together, on which we said fine, and without any hesitation Maria started giving details including her initiation to sex, then she complimented me for not deflowering her so that the virginity could be preserved till marriage. The girls were impressed and planted a kiss on my cheeks for which I responded too. > It was hot in the drawing room so we moved to the air conditioned bed room, their kisses had aroused me and vise versa to them, as Divya came near to me we again kissed each other, taking the lead she unbuttoned my shirt, soon I was naked before the three young breathing taking ladies, and Lord Tarzan came to himself to salute his new friends. Divya came forward, and held him in her right hand, cupping my balls with the left, stroking Tarzan gently, she squeezed my testicles lightly. Pushing back my foreskin she went on her knees and kissed my penis, Farah followed soon and did the same, Maria being no stranger to Tarzan, she too came forward and completed the formalities. The ball was in my court now, holding Divya in my arms I kissed her body, and she reciprocated in style. Then I moved to Farah and soon she was also naked before me we kissed each other, I then turned to Maria and said, ” Thank you very much, as I am being treated to such a beautiful moment with three pretty young girls before me, Richard Geri had just one, I have three!” On this all the three started laughing. I began removing Maria’s clothes and planted a real wet kiss on her lips, lying down on the bed, I asked Divya and Farah to come on either side of me, this they did and I started fingering their pussies while I asked Maria to come over my mouth. Soon I was fingering Divya and Farah and licking Maria’s love box. I had three stunning cunts to my disposal At the same time and Lord Tarzan had to be ignored for a while. After a few moments of finger and tongue fucking, all the three bodies began to jerk, as My fingers felt their volcanoes erupt and hot lava beginning to trickle out, Maria’s pussy Was flowing freely and I kept drinking her juices to my hearts content.., just then the phone bell rang, it turned out to be Maria’s auntie who had wanted Maria to accompany her for the Sunday shopping, so Maria excused herself and went to shower, by now Divya and Farah were coming loud and clear, I asked Divya to take Maria’s place on my Mouth. With her pussy over me, I began lapping up her juices, her pussy tasted very Different from Maria’s with more tangy flavor. After some time Divya got off when the door bell rang and she would attend to Maria’s Aunt. Now that I and Farah were left alone we kept the door shut and our voices down so that Maria’s aunt wouldn’t know that there was a male guest in the flat. As the other girls were not there Farah went coy and was reluctant for a game of oral sex, saying that she would wait for Divya. Laughing, I told her that I wasn’t going to harm her in any way least of all I take away her virginity the what was there to fear? Getting my point she agreed, a cute looking babe of 23, Farah was 5.4” tall with a medium frame and mango shaped tits, brown nipples and slender legs. I kissed her all over and began feasting over her mangoes, squeezing and sucking to get as much as possible in my mouth, then we changed positions and moved into a sensuous position of 69. At first I kissed her feet and then moved up to her calves, thighs, thereafter I kissed her vagina and the dark pussy lips, parting them with my fingers, I began rubbing her labia gently. As she raised herself forward, I touched her labia with my tongue and flicked it back and fourth over her rose petal like pussy lips. Farah began moaning and was soon moving towards a sea of deep pleasure while feasting simultaneously on my penis at the other end. When we took a short break after some time, Farah confessed that she would have been a virgin today but for the fact that Divya’s brother had not deflowered her, but he couldn’t get it when it mattered the most. We resumed our lovemaking with frenzy and within minutes she started to coem in a big way and my mouth was flooded with her pussy juice. Now her pussy looked soft and even more delicious as it was dripping wet. I quickly changed position so that my penis could have the pleasure of kissing her fully moist cunt lips. I rubbed my Tarzan all over her pussy vigorously and he soon was erect with Farah’s secretions. Then she started licking my balls, chewing the soft skin on the folds and began sucking gently, she began breathing heavily, but continued to suck and lick, moments later I shot a load full of my love cream into her mouth and she lapped it all. We relaxed in each others arms for half and hour getting to know about out families until Divya came and announced that Maria and her aunt had left. With Divya back in the room we started a fresh round of love games that lasted for another hour. All the three of us lay naked, it had an electrifying effect, then I and Divya had vigorous vaginal sex and Farah looked on. Later Divya told Farah, “Baby you really are missing out something in life”. All the three of us went to the bathroom and the two girls gave Tarzan a superb blow job . A couple of hours later Maria returned home alone after shopping, after which we went out for dinner. Since that occasion, I have gone to Bangalore but was unable to have all the three Girls together in bed as one or the other would be out on flight duty. So here ends the second part of Flight of Fantasy, please mail me your comments And everything on Girls and ladies I am waiting for ur mails, bye HAVE SAFE SEX, USE CONDOMS ALWAYS, THUS U CAN SAVE URSELF FROM A I D S.

Sex dream Fantasy

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Last June I was returning from by business visit to Dubai, by flight to my home city of Bangalore, we were being served snacks and coffee, as it was being served the flight went through an air pocket and shuddered which took the airhostess by surprise and spilled the coffee on my dress and she fell on my lap, upon which she got up and said sorry for the fuss that she had created, she then brought me a napkin to clean of the coffee on my dress and again said the same thing, sorry.

I told her that if she really felt sorry she should promise me a date at which she agreed and gave me her address

After landing, I took a cab to the nearest good hotel and took a room and had a good shower and changed clothes, upon which I thought of visiting Maria ( the air hostess who fell on my lap). I reached her flat and rang the door bell, within a minute she opened the door, she was wearing a pink T shirt and jeans, her hair let loose, she looked awesome, very different from the airhostess I met. Entering inside she introduced me to her colleagues and roommates Divya and Farah after a couple of minutes of polite conversations we took leave of them and entered a disco, where we danced and then ate of the cafeteria, this done we ventured back, suddenly it began raining cats and dogs so I asked Maria to come over my room if she considered herself safe with me, on which she agreed and we went to my room. Entering she took off her shoes and put her feet on the sofa, at which I complimented Maria over the beauty of her lovely feet and gently began caressing her feet moving my hands to her ankles and calves, I kissed her toes very lightly and then with hunger and passion, while running my hands over her feet and calves, suddenly she sighed and shifted her weight and opened her knees slightly My mouth tongue, hands and fingers now showered her feet and toes with kisses, caresses nips and licks, her knees opened fully and I kissed her thighs over her jeans, moving up I kissed Maria delicately all around her vagina over her jeans, this made her say that she had many beautiful things to show me, I told her, “take a bet you cannot show me your beautiful thing!”, she took this as a challenge and asked me to undress her, I did just that, the sight of her nude body exited me intensely, her lovely breasts1 seemed most inviting and I was obviously very hungry. Cupping her breasts she said “look at these beautiful things” I took her in my arms and kissed tenderly on her lips and said that the most beautiful thing was her heart which she could never show me, although I could feel it. Hearing this Maria hugged me tight, and then told me that she was a virgin and would like me to deflower her. To this I told her was something for which she would be complimented all her life and was one of the secrets of a happy married life, again on hearing this she was moved and thanked me for the concern. Moments later, she was ready for the safe game and we began kissing each other like mad. Our tongues began wrestling furiously after which I kissed her cheeks, neck and shoulders, then I feasted on her ripe tits, sucking the erect nipples one by one. After this I moved down to her belly, navel and the vagina, kissing and licking the twin valleys between her thighs, later I bit through her pussy hair to savoir the sweet mound of Venus. As my passionate lovemaking went on she kept urging me on through the silent and urgent language of her gestures and the twisting and turning of her body. Hear moans had now become very passionate and breathing quickened, watching the response of her body I kissed the lips of her closed vagina with more fervor then very slowly and lightly, I touched her vagina with the tip of my tongue. Moving her body forward and pulling me towards her, she made my probing tongue penetrate her slit deeper. Finally unable to se her sweet agony that I caused her I started probing her cunt in all corners, finding her clitoris I began sucking it is a frenzy of passion. By this time Marie’s face and breasts were flushed with sexual excitement, her nipples hard and erect and tiny beads of sweat were beginning to appear on her lips, nose, forehead……….A more exotic picture of sexual excitement I could never think, a spring of vaginal juices seemed to erupt from deep within her valley as I applied my tongue to her vagina and I drank as much as I could. Later we changed our positions and she took my Tarzan in her mouth and used her tongue to the maximum effect all along my shaft, then moving to the crown, she swallowed the entire thing in her mouth and sucked vigorously, thereafter she posed the tip of the tongue in the crack of my shaft, licking the pre cum from it. Then I asked whether Tarzan could kiss her pussy for which she said go ahead, placing Tarzan over her pussy by hand, I moved him up and down her vaginal walls and rotated him a little bit inside her virgin cunt to give him a fare share of the virgin, but took care not to penetrate her. We again changed positions and she again took my doc in her juicy mouth and moved her lips and tongue in a expert manner like a champion cock sucker. Within a couple of minutes I exploded a loadfull into her virgin mouth and she swallowed all my cream with gusto after which she went off to sleep, I held her close to my chest and dozed off. Hai dames of all ages sizes and shapes , you can mail me at if you have any doubts I guarantee to help and I am here to serve you with my body and mind. Waiting for your reply, comments suggestions, erotic mails and of course contact numbers for personal effects. Bye till my next episode.

Hot Mumbai hotel night

I will inform to you re: my experiences. I am a salesman and have to travel worldwide and frequently in India too. My job requires imparting training to various personnel. My wife who is not of my caste is very rigid and also does not allow me to lick her pussy and she does not give me frenchie. She gives straight sex to me. I have always believed that variety is life of spice, be with wife, be it my job or anything else.

During my visit to Mumbai, I used to stay in hotel near V.T. Near my hotel after 5.00 p.m. many whores are frequenting this area. I do not get attracted to them as they are dark and ugly but near V.T. station, was one woman who was sitting, smoking a cigarette and smiling at all the men passing by. Her boobs were big and she was 35 years. I approached her and asked her, “KITNA?” (how much) to which she told me Rs. 200.00 for 1 hour. I am afraid of V.D and AIDS so I told her to shake my cock and how much. She said, “Rs. 200.00 mera swaad lo. Chodna hai chodo, hilana hai hilao, choosna hai chooso, jo karna hai, karo, ek ghanta me mauj karo.” I asked her name, she said Zeenat. I asked “Rs. 200.00 mein hotel kaun bharega?” Zeenat replied, “Raja, yeh package hai, main sub kuch tere liye bharoongi, to sirf mere saath chal.” I made one condition that I will strip Zeenat and that she will be continuously smoking while I strip her and fuck her as smoking whores and women turn me on. Her dialogues turned me on.

I also saw one shemale hearing our discussions. The shemale was wheatish complexion and as soon as I looked at her she shook her boobs and winked at me. I asked Zeenat to negotiate with the shemale and that the shemale (Lata) will fuck her with me. Zeenat agreed and asked shemale who was her friend as well. Zeenat told me that for services for her and Lata I will have to shell out Rs. 350.00 only for 2 hours enjoyment. Both the whores asked me to follow them to the hotel. I was walking behind, careful that someone who knows me should not be able to see me.

I reached the hotel and Zeenat and Lata started to strip and I stopped them immediately. Then I asked Zeenat to light her cigarette. She light her cigarette and sat on the bed with her legs open. I went to her, unbuttoned her blouse buttons which were in the front. ZONG, came out her big boobs and straight went into my mouth. I sucked her delicious boobs and teased her nipples. Zeenat cried, “Aur chooso, bhadva aur andar mooh mein daal.” I went on teasing her nipples which became erect. She started to remove her saree then I twisted her arm and told her, “Bhadvi, mein tere kapde utaroonga”, jab mujhe chahiye.” She started pressing my cock but I did not allow her to remove my pant. I then removed her complete saree. Bloody bitch was not wearing any underwear. I wanted to remove her underwear. I stuck my finger in her pussy. She begged me to remove my pant. I told Lata to remove my pant, underwear and unbutton my shirt. Lata with whory and teasing looks, inviting looks obeyed my command. I told Lata to perform striptease and remove her clothes. With inviting looks Lata removed her saree, removed her blouse, sucked her tits, squeezed her tits, winked at me and then removed her petticoat with lot of nakha andaaz.

My cock was fully erect ready to fuck now. I told Lata to come near me and gave my cock in Zeenat’s mouth and Zeenat gobbled it slowly and bringing it her mouth deep. I caught Lata’s hair and pulled her to me. Lata cried with pain then I took her cock and started to masturbate her cock and licked her boobs while with one finger I put in Zeenat’s pussy and other in Lata’s pussy. Zeenat took her finger and put in my asshole and took out and took in and while putting it in side the pushed my cock further in my mouth every time. I almost came in her mouth and took out her cock. Then I told Lata to put her cock in my asshole and I put my cock in Zeenat’s. Lata obeyed my command. While Zeenat went to light another cigarette she told me to wear a condom. I told Zeenat that I do not have a condom, to which she told me, “Tu nahin chodega mujhe jab tak tu nirodh nahin layega.” I told Zeenat that “Condom nahin hai to mooh mein kyon dala randi.” Zeenat told me, “Motherfucker (in Hindi) choot me dalna hai to baat samajh.”

Meanwhile Lata was pumping me hard and hard so I told Zeenat not to waste time and shake my cock. I came within one minute in the hands of Zeenat. The bitch now is sucking my cum and drank my full cum and said, “Saala iska maal to zabardast hai.” Then I told Lata to fuck Zeenat. Lata immediately went to Zeenat’s pussy and put in. Zeenat did not object that Lata did not have Nirodh. Zeenat was moaning with eyes closed saying, “AUR JOR SE, AUR JOR SE.” I took advantage of situation and slid my cock in Zeenat’s bum. Zeenat did not mind but told me “Saab, Maja aa gaya, Pehli baar kisi raand ko bhi maza aya.” With her moans I came very fast and my cock shrank this time.

Now Zeenat told me that Lata will fuck her asshole and she will like to suck my shrunk cock. I was not agreeable as my cock was paining but then I could not resist smoking Zeenat’s invitation and immediately Zeenat sucked my cock in a frenzy while Lata fucked her bum. They went on and my cock became erect. Now Zeenat told me, “Saab pehli baar mein kisi aadmi ko mujhe Nirodh ke bina chodne doongi, daal andar jaldi si.” I put my cock in her pussy and pressed her tits. Lata could not stay behind and put her cock in my asshole. With the pressures building from Lata’s cock, my cock went deeper and moans of Zeenat became louder and louder. The hotel fellow knocked at the doors and shouted, “Zeenat the building will come down or police will raid if you shout so loudly.” I told Zeenat, “Abhi aa raha hoon, choot ko, paav ko tight kar.” Zeenat told, “Aaja mere pyaare, aaja. Main tera masala ka milk shake piyungi.” She begged me not to come inside her but wanted to drink cum. As soon as I was coming, I took out, she looked at me and started shaking my cock. In 3 seconds, I spurted my cum on her mouth and she drank my cum.

Then Zeenat begged me again that she will dress me up and she and Lata dressed me up and tried their best to make my sleeping cock alive but pressing it, stroking it, rubbing it but my little anmol was sleeping. I gave Zeenat Rs. 350.00 to which she returned me Rs. 200.00, gave Rs. 150.00 to Lata and told me, “Saab aaj tune randi ko aurat bana diya, phir se mere paas ana, doosri baar mein aur meri saheli do not tumhe chodenge aur paisa nahin lenge.” I have yet to visit Mumbai again but will avail offer of Zeenat again. In the meantime any girls, women wanting a good fuck and tit sucking in India, contact me, who knows that I may be near your town and will be able to become your fucking friend.


Sujata And Anjana

Sujata n Anjana were 2 very good friends. Hot guju chicks. They joined a hostel in Surat. Very sexy n very horny was their nature. This happened on the first night in the hostel when senior students in the same hostel were ragging them. Correction they became lovers that night. Both the chicks Sujata and Anjana were lying in their room talking and giggling when suddenly they saw 5 chicks well built in their room. One locked the door and the other told them u chicks r gonna never want to forget this fucking night.

Anjana the bold n horny chick got up and asked them what the fuck are u chicks thinking off barging into our room like this. Get the fuck out of here. To that one of the seniors said u r a fucking bold bitch huh. With that she pinched her nipples real hard till she let out a scream n then pushed her on the bed with Sujata. They were both in their nighties and no undergarments. Sujata hugged Anjana and asked the mean gals what they wanted. They said we want to see what u r made of. This hostel is full of sluts and we would like to know what level of slut’s u is. They said come on remove each other’s cloths since u are such good friends and show us ur assets. At first they argued but then one of the babes removed a 10 inch didlo and told them look u either remove you fucking cloths u bitch or we will remove them for u and then fuck u with this up ur ass. The didlo was huge and the sight got both of them scared. So they removed each other cloths and were completely nude in front of the 5 horny senior students. One of them said hmm quite good bodies. What do u gals think? Anjana said now what u perverted bitched are you happy now? What do u wants us to do now? Dance with each other while we run our hands through each other’s bodies? Just then she realized what she had said. So she stopped suddenly. On of the chicks molesting them spoke hmm what a nice idea we never thought of this. Do it. They played some nice sensual music and told u fucking perverted bitches. Anjana was cursing her nature at the same time she was feeling hot looking at her friend in the nude and the idea of feeling her body was turning her on. Something about one woman feeling another women it’s so soft n gentle. Now they were both dancing Anjana freely caressing Sujata’s body and Sujata was getting wet by her touch. She felt Anjana’s nipples and pinched them n pulled them slightly. Wow what a feeling that was. She let out a moan. Then Sujata felt Anjana’s hands rubbing her pussy and what an erotic scene it was. The rest of the chicks also were feeling horny looking at them. They were now shedding their clothes and rubbing themselves some on their own some with each other n moans were just every where. It had become and erotic Garden of Eden. Where there were only women. Then one of the slightly plump gals put on the didlo and went and positioned herself behind Anjana and shoved it up her ass. Anjana just screamed. Then one other girl grabbed Sujata and lay her on the bed and spread her legs and began eating her while another one was on her tits and yet another one had lowered her pussy on her face n was making her eat it. Then one of the gals pounding her tongue to Sujata’s pussy got between her legs and started rubbing pussies with her. Sujata was moaning and screaming in pleasure in ecstasy as 3 women were ravaging her body to its full. She was now a 100% slut. She could not take this any longer n came and came and came. The fat chick was fucking all this while Anjana’s ass mercilessly and she was enjoying it as well. After Anjana had enough of it in the ass she pushed her over the floor and got on top of her n began to ride her. She told her while pressing her boobs n pulling them n pinching them now who is a good fucker you bitch now I m fucking you. Soon she came to n fell on top of her. Then they all kissed each other and thanked all for a great fucking session. Then the 2 girls sujata and Anjana kissed each other while in bed. Their naked bodies entangaled with each others while they made love all through the night.

Any bhabhis, any young girls, house wives, any women between age 20 to 45 years (only from Mumbai) want to enjoy with me or want to have my dick or any one of u want to have a sex with me on net. Pl. u should give Ur details, Ur phones no and Ur pictures while mailing me. Secrecy will be kept and expected too. U can mail me at:

Amina gets naughty with me

I am a 20 year old married to a man who is so busy that he does not have time for sex and am a nymphomaniac. So u must have guessed by now what happens? I tried to explain to him that i need more attention but who listens? so life went at low key for me. I reached a point I was horny 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! that time i went back to my native town kollam. now my husband has a younger brother he is also married. He has a very sexy wife Amina.

we were at home one day and my mother in law fell sick and she was admitted in hospital for a week. so my Brother in law stayed with her as usual my hubby had to work so we two girls went home to spend the night with the promise to be back in the morning now amina was also very interested in sex.

So somehow the issue of sex crept up in our discussions, she said she had some blue CD. now i was excited I said “let me see…. please”, seeing my eagerness she put it on in bedroom TV and went to take a bath. she left the bathroom door open little. So she cold hear the sounds from the video and this with the movie I was going crazy!! I started masturbating there and then.

Amina came to me fully naked and asked can I suck ur pussy? Oh yeah any thing she took off the nightgown i was wearing and practically ripped off my undies. I was busy meanwhile touching her breasts so nice and succulent they were. When she could take it no more< she pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my heavenly starved pussy oh the feeling man it was pure ecstasy!!!!!!!! She sucked and twirled and bit and pulled on my clit and I was doing a jig with my hips. She put in two fingers and stroked my vaginal walls as the rhythm of the strokes increased there were white lights popping in my eyes I could feel my whole body shuddering my vaginal walls contracting around her fingers now sopping wet from my juices.I lay there panting and repeating only one word WOW!!!! then it was my turn to give I started with her lips the taste of my cunt juices were there it excited me and i sucked her swollen lips probed her warm moist mouth with my tongue. I was really getting turned on and I kissed her frantically on her neck and breast I took her 38 inch globes I sucked and squeezed like I was possessed. I the used my one hand to gently stroke her clit the lovely petals inside her cunt lips were huge she said oh pull it hard and I tugged at it and rubbed her clitoris which by now was hard and big.

I went down now and took those juicy petals in my mouth i sucked it and chewed on the inner lips till she could take it no more she started moving her hip in a franc tic rhythm. I pushed in three fingers she was big and my fingers a very small soon she was bucking and I got a load of her juices in my mouth and face. We lay there entwined in each others arms and continued watching the blue movie. Eventually we started getting aroused again she the started kissing me and put herself in a position like we were in 69 position she started giving me such a nice job I often stopped my duties to enjoy the mind blowing sensation I was feeling. I gave her as good as I got and both of climaxed.

We still share some very good sex we enjoy being with each other so much. She told me she was always a lesbian with many encounters and since she came to our home she was praying she could have me for sex. I explained my pathetic situation to her and now am so satisfied I don’t bug my husband anymore he is gratefully for that. My vital stats are 36/24/38.

Please tell me your comments on this ad I would love to her from you. I have met other girls through Amina and have had great fun.


Great fucking in system room

I work as a hardware engineer for a multinational bank in Mumbai. I am 25 years old with a 7 inches with the head OF IT as a mushroom. I usually wear parallel pants in the office, as it is part of our dressing code. On Saturdays u are allowed to wear casuals and I usually prefer wearing a tight jeans, which slightly sticks my organ out.
I love girls looking at my organ. Being in the IT department in a bank I have to attend a lot of calls on a daily basis and I make sure that I attend all the calls from the ladies specially on Saturdays.

In the same office works a woman with whom I talk a bit more than usual. She has an excellent figure with round breast and enough flesh on her bums to support my thrust. My talking to Nisha make others feel jealous. And I know why. There is one girl in the office, who manages the forex department. And she always tries to hang around with her boobs on my shoulder whenever she gets an opportunity. Rashmi is short in height and usually fights with Nisha and the reason being I ignoring her. On December 31st I had to stay back in the office for long since it was the last working day of the year. It is a monthly routine, I have to stay back in the office on all the last working day of the month. Except for the peon and me nobody stays back in the office and I usually leave the office at around 11:30 pm. On 31st evening Rashmi came close to me and whispered in my ears “Do u want me to wait for you”? I did not understand why she wanted to wait and asked her to leave.
She left the office with a grumpy face and did not say anything else. Later she sent me a message on my mobile, “How stupid of you to ask me to go”. This time I think I knew what she meant, we would have been alone in the office and we could have done whatever we wanted. I did not reply her back and waited for the next day for her to come to the office. Next day was a Saturday, and I was wearing black jeans and white T-shirt. I went to her and stood near her for 5 minutes without saying anything. She did not even look at my face. I thought there is no point in standing and made an attempt to get close enough where her hand could just brush over my pants. She slowly moved her hands a bit too close and started typing all sort of rubbish on the monitor, moving her hand vigorously. I told her slowly in her ears, “Do you mind waiting today”? She said nothing and just gave me a smile. I went to the boss and said I would take the system backup today and it will take a long time. He agreed and asked me to take the keys from the peon, as it was a Sunday next day. I took the keys from the peon and asked him to leave early. I send a message to Rashmi saying I have the keys with me. After the days work all the users went to their house including Rashmi. There was nobody in the office and I had to shut the main door from inside as it would be difficult for me to know if anybody entered the office when I am in the system room. It was 6:30 pm and I thought it as an utter waste on deciding to take the back up today.
After about 15 minutes I heard a beep on my mobile. I came slowly to see what the message was and it read “Please open the door”. I walked straight to the door and opened the door to find Rashmi standing at the door. I allowed her inside and closed the door again. She was wearing a black skirt and a with a sky blue top. We went straight to the system room without talking to each other. The room was totally dark except for the light from the monitor screen. She stood near me, I gave the command which would take another 30 minutes to initialize. Then I looked her straight into her eyes. She with a soft voice asked me “Koi ayega kya” I said “nahi yaar the keys are with me and nobody is going to come here.” Not even waiting for the reply she took her hands and touched my LUND. She moved her fingers on my LUND, which stood up like the Qutab Minar. She bent down on her knees and unzipped my jeans. She unhooked my jeans and pulled it down as if she was hungry for it. She rolled her fingers over my brief and slowly pulled my brief down. She was stunned to see my LUND out of the brief. She said “Isi LUND ke liye to mein itna intezaar kar rahi thi, tumhara LUND pake aaj bahut khushi ho rahi hai”. She stood up and kissed me on my lips. She took my lower lips and started sucking it, then she slowly put her tongue inside my mouth and sucked me hard. She opened my T-shirt pulling it over my head and threw it on the system. I took her in my arms and started undressing her first from the top and then from the bottom.
She was wearing a black bra with a pinkish panty. I carried her in my arms and took her to the sofa, which is in the boss’s room for VIP guest. I sat on the sofa putting her down. She kissed me aagin but this time gently, down she came kissing me on my chest and my belly. Rashmi slowly took my LUND in her mouth and started sucking it in and out. I rolled my finger from her inner thigh slowly reaching her CHUT. Her CHUT was wet. I put my fingers into her CHUT, the more I inserted the finger the more she sucked my LUND harder. She took my LUND out and then sucked my balls. She was the best sucker I had ever met. She kept saying words like “Kitna Bada LUND hai tumhara, Is LUND ko Munh mein lene ke liye sirf mein sabse Jhagda karti thi”, Maine is LUND ko sapney mein roj dekha hai par tumhara LUND to bahut bada hai”. She kept sucking me till I was wet. I said I am going to cum now. “arre pura mere munh mein khali kar do na pls”. I emptied all the stuff in her mouth. She did not stop even after that and continued sucking my LUND till I was hot again. I took her in my arms and made her sleep on the sofa. I opened her legs apart and sucked her wet, pinkish CHUT, SHE SAID “Bas karo na, bahut maja aa raha hai, mein itna maja pehle kabhi nahi payee” “aur karo na itna bekarar kyun kar rahe ho” “karo na. She took the back of my head in her hands and pushed my tounge further inside. I rolled my tounge over her CHUT. All the time she was playing with my LUND which was as standing as strong as a Pillar.
I slowly went up to suck her breast. The nipples were pink and she had a beautiful round breast. I sucked her breast hard and harder. I took the whole of her breast inside my mouth. She said “meri CHUT dekho na ro rahi hai” “Ab andar dalo” “Is raat ke liye mein bahut tadap chuki houn” “ab andar dalo”. I took my LUND and slowly guided it to her CHUT. I put the head of my LUND near her CHUT and slowly put her inside. Before the head of my LUND could go in completely, tears started flowing from her eyes. She was crying with pain. “Aah…. Aaahhh…… bahut dard ho raha hai….. aaaaahhhh……., meri CHUT aaj phat jayegi aaaahhhh…… I slowly pushed my LUND a little further till I was completely inside her. She was still in pain. I started pushing her hard. “Meri CHUT phat jayegi” “Thoda dhire se dalo” I started moving my buttocks to and fro. She was feeling the kick of my LUND in her CHUT. I became faster. “Bahut maja aa raha hai, sacchi itna maja to aaj tak mujhe kisis se nahi mila” kitna badda hai tumhara LUND” aur karo na” Aur andar dalo na” aaaahhhh….. bahut dard ho raha hai lekin maja bhi bahut aa raha hai”. I took my LUND out and she asked me “Kyun Nikala, please maat tadpao mujhe”. I carried her in my arms and took her to the system room. I wanted to fuck her from the back. I asked her to stand facing the system. I bent her head and made myself comfortable to fuck her from the back. I pushed my LUND inside and pushed hard. “arre tumhara LUND ko thakne nahi dena, aur maro mujhe, aur maro…….
I fucked her from the back and was about to cum when I removed my LUND anad asked her to sit on the chair. I pushed my LUND into her CHUT again and again. I fucked her from all the possible directions. She was crying in pain coz nobody had fucked her for more than 20 mins and it was almost 45 minutes now. I said I am cumming. She asked me to fill her CHUT with my hot cum. I emptied my cum into her CHUT, which was bleeding now. “aaj tak mere CHUT se kise ne khun nahi nikala, tum bahut aacha CHODTE ho. Tumhari biwi kitni lucky hogi jisko tumhara jaise CHODNE wala milega. We had sex three times that night, each time being more extreme. She had a bad mouth and disclosed everything in the Lunchroom to al the other girls in the office. Now all the girls wanted me to fuck them. And I satisfied them all.